Boku no Hero Academia

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What's his endgame? Why is he behaving like that?
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Thunderbolt Fantasy

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Best thing that happened to anime in 21st century
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Otome Isekai

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>Otome Isekais
>MC is a real character who has strengths and weaknesses
>Side characters and friends are all real characters that get their own moment to shine and help out
>Love interests all have real reason to fall in love with the MC and are all capable of providing for her
>Threats range from physical threats to complex political intrigue spanning multiple novels requiring a high level of intelligence to understand and appreciate

>Male isekai novels
>i'm just a normal dude who wants to be lazy (haha i'm totally a pervert too, isn't it sooo refreshing that i'm upfront about it!)
>haha cute girls XD
>I'm so strong
>love interests are just generic "cute" girls who would be dead without god mode protagonist
>friends only exist to suck off how strong the MC is
>politics start and end within a single chapter

why are otome novels so much better than the generic male ones? is it because women are just better writers or what?
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I'm happy for them
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Kaguya Manga

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Is Ishigami still /ourguy/?
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I feel /a/'s culture has really gone down the drain in the recent years. You no longer even see people trying to claim credibility by appealing to the number of shows they've watched throughout their lives.
It used to be that you needed to have seen at least 50 to have your opinion count for anything.
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what are your thoughts on the anime elfen lied
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Shimakaze makes me angry to look at. He's utter corporate soullessness. Besides the barest hint of nautical attire he's nothing but sheer pandering from bunny ears to shota thigh highs. There's no character at all to him. The rest of the girls are relatively unimaginative (which is okay I suppose since they all had to be turned out for a browser game) but Shimakaze is an offense against design.

I have to assume everyone saying it's the new Touhou replacement is joking.
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Buyfag thread

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