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After spending 7 years at a dead end grocery store job that has given me back and knee problems, I finally think (or thought) I was ready to put the 10+ years of home computer troubleshooting experience I have to use in a career that can hopefully support me. For the better part of a decade I've managed basic home networks and home office settings, built computers for people, removed viruses (sometimes manually file by file) and resolved an assortment of issues for a number of people. I felt this may be enough to get my foot in the door at an entry level help desk position.

The snag I hit was things like Active Directory, Server Management, and the various ticketing systems. AD I had never even heard of before and I have never used any of these software before, nor do I have any experience in a corporate or large office environment. All of the money I make from my current part time job is immediately drained to pay for my share of the bills, groceries for the house, etc. I cannot afford schooling or even the Comptia exams. I also cannot afford to build a home lab and the electrical costs I'd also be responsible for, nor does my current PC have the specs to drive all of the necessary VMs.

So my questions are this: Do you think it would be possible to move into entry level help desk without knowing Active Directory, Server management, and ticketing software beforehand? Would I likely be taught through on the job training? Do you think I could expect to make at least anywhere between 30k-40k ($16-20/hr) starting out? Any advice would be appreciated.

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What's the best loan to get for 1-2k if I'm working part time but have good credit
All the ones lending tree show me have ridiculous interest rates to the point where I'll end up giving them 18k by the end of it

How to stop thinking about race?

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Maybe this is just a general how-do-I-not-think-about-a-thing-without-trying-not-to-think-about question cuz I don't really know how to do that.

But some reason, the past few days, practically all I can think about is black people. I don't want to get into the relatively obvious circumstanced of this and what I do or don't support or whatever the fuck...

The thing that's important is that I can't get my head to shut the fuck up about it and stop being super conscious of race, like it used to be before all this shit happened in my country (I live in Oregon, by the way).

Now, while I try (or, really, when I don't try because I don't even have the energy for this) to sort out all this information while also having been diagnosed with Asperger's which makes this kind of thing especially hard, I'm inundated with all these memories of awkward somewhat racial situations I've been in, all these mistakes I happened to have made, and I just can't seem to let it fucking go and I don't know why I can't let it go.

It's really fucking frustrating and its making me feel like shit and act slightly different sometimes around black people.
I have a lot of questions that I actually don't know would ever be a good idea try and find and answer for... And I don't know... It just feels really bizarre. Almost like a bad trip.

How do just... Not do this any more?

It's stupid. I just want it to end.

I feel like it’s close to impossible to find a decent guy

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Idk what to do. Please help /adv/.

I feel so alone, it seems like literally everyone is in a relationship.

I’m morally against having sex before marriage but I don’t even want to get married anymore.

I am also extremely against serial monogamy, and I have no interest in being someone’s 1/100 girlfriends.

Not only is it hard to find someone kind that I’m compatible with, but with these extra road blocks I have no idea what the fuck to do.

It’s genuinely so hard for me to meet someone that I like/am compatible with even on a surface level. Most people are too cold or calculating for my liking.

Does anyone have suggestions?
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Why won't my gf slap me during sex?

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Recently, my gf and I got into an argument about who was right regarding a homework problem. When she's mad (if it's not over something too serious) I like to annoy her. I ended up annoying her Soo much she ended up slapping me; she immediately started apologized my profusely, what was strange was I kinda liked it. I asked her if she could slap me when we're having sex once in awhile, but she said no it feels "mean". Keep in mind I woudl still be I control like how she usually wants it, I woudl just want her smack me or something once in awhile.
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How do I become a better critical thinker??

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I just feel like people who think critically about things live a more fulfilling life. They can point out structural flaws in people’s bullshits, form their own opinions and have something meaningful to work towards. It’s like being able to find problems so then you can solve it and become a better person. How do I do this??

Dealing with my child's mother

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Hey /adv/, don't usually come here but I'm legitimately at a loss here. This is a lot, so bare with me. So I have a 4 year old son, who we'll call L, and we'll refer to his mother as A. Around when L was 2, A and me broke up and I moved out. Fast forward to know, I'm in with an amazing relationship with K who has lived with me in my apartment for over a year now and apart from the occasional crazy talk from A, life has been great. But here lately, it feels like A is using L against me. A few weeks ago, she found out that K doesn't wear pants around L. Instead, K wears long shirts and you can't see anything down below. I even asked L if he ever saw her vagina or butt and he said no. His mom said it was creepy and that K should wear panties around L. We said whatever and now she does, okay, all said and done.

More to follow.
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Itt ask the opposite gender anything

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Last thread >>22846100
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Math and college advice

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Have you guys ever seen a person so retarded they forgot the answer to a math problem just 10 seconds after seeing it ?

Hi 4chan, faggot here. I was out of the education system for a while and it's showing. I have a hard time concentrating and managing my time in college. The fact that it's online doesn't help either.

I'd love to hear your guys tips, advice, and words of wisdom on how to deal with college. As I mentioned I have a hard time getting down to studying and doing school work. I'll do some school for about 10-15 minutes and I'll goof off for 40 minutes to an hour.

Another thing is math. Math has never been my strong suit and I've always hated it because of that. I'll watch a person solving an equation only to get confused half way though and I ask myself,"why the hell is this lady doing this or that". In the meantime I'm just going to double down and grind this bitch and hope for the best.

Many thanks for any response !

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>Told i can't become a virtuoso pianist because i didn't start when i was a child
>Told i can't become a chess grandmaster because i didn't start as a child
>Told i can't be a great mathematician because they do their best work young
What are some things i can start doing at 23 and still become a master at?
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