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*fuck off we're full*

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Almost all NYAN is being staked. Soon there won't be any more NYAN left to stake that CATNIP. Mmm. CATNIP!
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The united states Congress must pay for what they have done

/Smg/ stock market general west of the rokies edition

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>He doesn't take an immense amount of psychedelics he ordered from the darknet while he trades

Not gonna make it. The based 5 dimensional lizard people guide me.

LINK to 8.50 tonight

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Best investment I ever made

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Bought out the Funko shop immediately. Already sold 100+ of these fucking things. Fuck normies.
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Providing liquidity protects me somewhat against losses but also reduces my gains if moon mission while collecting fees?

YFLink newly partnered w/ BONK

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BONK is up to 22 cents anons, the fomo is starting

Get in


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YFV is NEVER going below $11 ever again
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