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/bcm/ - Black Cosplay Matters

Post Black Cosplay (and Lolita if you want)
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Star Trek Lower Decks

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Hi /cgl/
do you know of any Lower Decks cosplay?
Can't find anything except this one youtube video.

Angelic Pretty Thread

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Old one: >>10471288

I found some pictures of the Shanghai teaparty on weibo.
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Stupid J fashion Questions Thread

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Previous thread: >>10469844

For cosplay questions, go to the cosplay thread: >>10451980
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Happy International Maritime Day

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September 24 is International Maritime Day. Jfashion heavily relies on transoceanic commerce! Let's appreciate sailor and pirate coords, and other above-the-waves themes such as, maybe, an international bulk Taobao cargo shipment coord, if you happen to have one saved.
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New cosplay help thread

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Old thread
Please post cosplay questions here instead of making a new thread for them.
>Jfash questions?
>Specific topics
Kimono/traditional Japanese clothing
Makeup/skin care/hair
Artist alley
Suggestions/what should I cosplay
Self post
>Regional threads
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Cosplay Commission Horror Stories Thread

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Want to vent about a shitty commission experience? Here's the place to do it. Drop horror stories below.
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Lolita General - Quiet Toys Room Edition

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Previous thread:
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Net-idol/Odottemita/Dance Cover Groups

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previous thread: >>10450401

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet -

Original Music Playlist:

-leftover arguing from Julily's video two threads ago
-tambourine starts posting memes and weird stuff on their Twitter, hints at new third member
-Sugar Sweet Idol Festival starts recruiting performers, crashes, burns, causes drama, and cancels everything
-Somehow there is an argument about whether you should pay your composers for original music or not
-Some good discussion about using Japanese stage names and singing in Japanese when you're not Japanese

Featured group: Amaitsukiland

Starter Topic: AnibraveTO showcase is happening this evening, what do/did you all think?
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