TSF/Gender-Bender/TG Thread

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Magic Words Edition
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Balloon/inflatable fetish general where I dump my folder and no one else replies, GO!
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Forced Feminization: Fabulous Favorites

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Starring your deepest desires and all time favorites...

What about forced feminization inspires you and really gets you going? Let's see and hear your personal favorite pics and and ideas and which aspect of them makes them special to you.

Other thread guiding questions can also be posted as replies to the second post to make them easier to find and quote.

Previous threads:

This thread is about erotic fantasy scenarios and discussions thereof, so please don't refer to real world controversies like gender identity issues or any other primarily real world topics like the erotic role-playing or meet-ups here.
The former should never be linked to legitimately FORCED feminization, which this thread is obviously about, and the latter attracts spam like personal psychoanalysis posts.
Writing about the will to transition is therefore not welcome. This is not feminization goals!

Also, please try to include on-topic images, especially if your post doesn't significantly contribute to the discussion in any other way.

Image searches should be done via https://saucenao.com
(There's also browser addon for it!)
Source requests that haven't done so may be ignored.
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Female belly stuffing extreme version

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Painfull overstuffed bellies about to burst

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Female Slob WG thread

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Continued from >>9177129
Berryfaggots SEETHING edition
No male or scat allowed

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Blueberry Thread

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You know what to do
Post anything big and blue, plus Juice
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Futa with female

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Continuation of >>9202551
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Implants Thread

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Post fake-looking tits and/or x-ray edits.

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AI Dungeon Thread

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These keep getting taken down, post images w/ prompts or past sessions.

Bonus points for futa.
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