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- Proven, effective exercise routines
- Diet
- How to lose weight
- How to gain weight
- Supplements


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Supplemental reading: Harsh's /fit/ Wiki

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>sorry anon I'm vegetarian
How does /fit/ respond
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New thread because I was just about to post in the old one.

Does anyone have the pic of the guy giving the side eye to some obese woman on some stage for a TV show while she was explaining she was healthy and exercised? I forget his name.
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Zyzz's routine

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Does anyone know Zyzz's routine? Aside from the steroids.
This is achievable natty, right?
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Is your dad /fit/? What's your relationship with your father like?
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Routine critique thread

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Check others' routines and tell them what they're missing or should take off

I'll start, ULxULxx, I feel like I could do more volume but idk

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Do you think I could find a cute Asian gf like this girl?

Cause of the covid I didn't really have chances to meet any cute girls this year so I wonder. I'm decently strong at least, about 2.5 bw Deadlift and close to 70% bw added 5 rm weighted chin ups

Do you think I could find one when I get the chance to again?
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mire thread

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So have you recently gotten any mires /fit/?
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T. Me

Before you say I don't lift, I've always felt there is something off about my body. Not just being skinny fat.

I'm tall, longer limbs but I deposit fat in hips, ass and belly. My moobs look like tits and idk. Im almost suicidal because of this, people on this board literately tell me to transition and I just am losing hope because I have been low low body fat but still has really wide hips
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I get, you are big men with muscles and you are tough and you dont need shit.

But...are these things useful? For pulling exercises of course, mostly pullups and rows.
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