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redpill me on the goths
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Were the ancient Meroitic and Nubian people Black? Are Black people even capable of creating civilization?
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Imagine if the barbarians never destroyed it... ugh...
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who built the pyramids? Slaves or freeworkers?

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We almost know for sure that the pyramids were built by workers (tue writings of Wadi Al-Jarf). But were all them freeworkers or there were some slaves for the most distruptive works (like moving the huge rocks)? How was it possible feeding thousands of people for years removing manpower from the fields (a lot of the workers were farmers)?

Historical accuracy

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a thread for general historical accuracy of recreations of clothing evens armor weapons etc

I'll start how historically accurate is this
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How come that superstious beliefs seen to survive in coexistence with Islam far better than they do with Christianity? Pic related, ”cursed by Allah”.
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Is Hadrian considered a national hero in Israel?

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Has liberalism failed?
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We wait?

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Hope there won't be black Romans with Down Syndrome or gay-barbarians.
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