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Pics you've catfished with

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Picture sets of guys you've used to catfish people

Sexy jock/twink

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OC of Toys

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OC of toys, dildos, machines, you name it.

fat / chub / gainer / bhm

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post fatties, old one got maxed
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People you know

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ITT pics of guys you know, dicks, body, whatever
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uncut hard cocks

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/BLEACHED/ White top + Ethnic bottom

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Hispanic bottom edition

Previous thread: >>2059105
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First bottom experience

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Please share your first experience being a bottom and what it felt like and a photo of your cock,

I’ve never done it and have fantasy’s about it,

Photo of my cock
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Not the normal 'fucking from behind' but simply cocks from behind. Can include assholes or multiple cocks or just solo
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