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edizione i filini della notte sono fari che risplendono
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>Jorge Soros e sua 9inha

Tema do fio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0RMTKTpGa4

Fio antigo: >>131028909
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haha monke
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>hey white boy, can you refill my cup please?
wat do


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/fr/ - Le fil Francophone

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Edition de du positionnement tridimensionnel de l'être humain aux organes reproducteurs féminins
Ancien : >>131059935
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I have no job, no money, no food, I'm 2 months delenquient on rent, my phone service has been cut off and I have nobody I can live with when I'm evicted.

I've sent resumes and no response. There are no jobs. I live in a college town and the job market has been fucked because of this pandemic. Because this country is too fucking pathetic and retarded to handle a little flu I'm going to live on the streets. I can't even qualify for any kind of assistance as I was a full time student before this shit kicked off. It w

Fuck this absolute clown country.
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>you wake up in Spain
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