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Boog/civil war/happening

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Why is it that people on here have this idea that a civil war would be some Mad Max tier scenario with complete anarchy, everyone dying of starvation, no power anywhere and roaming bands if raiders? This shit is just childish and shows the level of intelligence boogfags and preppers (nothing wrong with prepping btw) have. Look at any civil war in the last century. Look at Yugoslavia or Syria. It’s just a war. Plenty of people are going about their lives away from the frontlines. People still have food, they still have power in most areas and life continues. Alternatively look at the troubles. If a civil war did happen the vast majority of people will continue in with life as usual for the most part. Would food/medical supplies/power be Somewhat more scarce? Yes somewhat but very few people will be living in some sort of apocalyptic wasteland completely devoid of modern amenities like larpers claim. Talk to someone who lived through the breakup of Yugoslavia. Or a Syrian refugee (Eurofags have plenty, just find some burka wearer on the street) and ask what it’s like. They’ll most likely say it sucked but it wasn’t a constant struggle for survival. Go on snapmaps and start looking at stories from Syria. It’s just people doing regular shit because the entire fucking country isn’t a lawless war zone and it’s not going to be like that here either.
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Ukrainians do it better Edition
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Handgun General /hg/ #490

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Your handgun on an ammo drought edition


Git gud guide:

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how good was the chieftain tank?

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If you got this tank. Put reactive armor. Put the newest cannon. Wouldn't it be just as good as a M1 Abrams?
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any good stories of shotguns getting kills in modern warfare? Webms would be appreciated
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/gq/ - gear queer

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Make your own stock

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How hard would it be for someone who has very little woodworking skills to make something like pic related for a Mini 14?
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