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What is preventing you from seeing the light?
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Philosophy at Uni

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Ok, I'm almost finished with my first week at Uni and I'm studying PPE and in my philosophy classes and already I'm cringing. The class is filled with pseudo intelectuals and kids who think they're smart since they can name a bunch of theories that they lack know depth of knowledge of as well as a bunch of words that have no real place in the discussion at hand. It reminds me of me when I was 16 and just discovered a bunch of logical fallacies and would bombared my friends munching down on a kfc zinger burger with questions about whether or not time exists.

But, I won't be an old geezer about it. I;m gonna take this oppoutinity to make friends and get to know some of the people in the classes. I've heard that the philosophy has the most amount of seggs and there's a really cute girl in my class so I might try getting to know her *wink* *wink*. But on a more serious note I'm happy my uni isn't yet poisoned by the virus of "progressiveness". One of our class tasks is to discuss whether or not the idea of a western canon is uncomfortable to us and so we are aware of the shitfliging that is going on today in academia but I'm truly excited about my course since it's everything I've been looking for in a course.

Well, that's my unproof read rant done. Haf a neic dey :-)

My writing hero completely trashed my writing

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>be me, pursuing a creative writing MFA at Iowa
>have a masterclass with an author who is highly respected on here and who is one of my personal writing heroes
>show him a draft of my novel that I've been working on for 6 years
>he reads it and hates it
>basically completely trashes it and actually tells me to quit writing
>says even though the piece was technically well-constructed, I'm missing something necessary to write well
>ask him what
>"A heart."
>"You write like you're avenging your childhood on the world."
>"You're a fascist, you're clearly a misogynist, your characters are hollow and are transparently mouthpieces for philosophical positions you dislike."
>"It's like you've never understood what gives other people their humanity. It's a solipsistic text."
>ends by urging me to go to therapy
I'm sitting here considering dropping out of the program. I've never received any other such reactions to my writing but this hit hard. How the fuck do you deal with a criticism like that? Pic "unrelated."
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might is right

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why haven't you read it yet?
>inb4 muh gayreek philosophers
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I'm a new Christian and there is something I don't understand. I'm just about through the Bible. How are you supposed to read this book for the rest of your life? Don't you eventually just remember everything?
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Any good books on Il Duce?

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What does your favorite book say about you?

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My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo.
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stack thread
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