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What's the consensus on scooters
Do they have a place alongside casual cyclists, or are they only stupid gay baby retards who cant learn to ride something proper

Killer back pain

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When I stand on the pedals to go up hill I started getting bad back pain in my lower back. Do I need to put more spacers in the front or something? I feel pretty arched over on my bike.
But I'm 5'11" and it's a 56cm bike so it should fit me.

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Continued from>>1428181

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #18 Starting with ARN
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For some reason. /n/ schitzos get trigger by people having fun like video below
pic not related, but matches the logic of the /n/ schitzos
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Mechanical issues edition

Previous >>1547169

If you want help buying a bike, see:
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How did we become so hated and how do we fix it?
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/mg/ maritime general

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ITT: people that work on commercial vessels talk about certifications and shit and I occasionally post a pic I took on the job.
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/btg/ - bicycle touring general

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/btg/ - bicycle touring general
Broken rack edition.

Ask questions, post advice, stories and photos from your trips.
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>nah bro no brakes no gears has to be as light weight and aero as possible
>wears baggy clothes and other accessories
>flat bars
>flat pedals
>is an entitled giant asshole while riding

why are fixie faggots like this
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>Waddles into your path
Heh nothing personnel, mammal.
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