Need advice on buying a good, cheap, used car? Look here!

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If you live in the US, this chart is your best place to start looking. International posters outside the US may have region specific options not shown here!
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/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread

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daily motorcycle thread
americans and europeans only again edition
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Didn't see a stupid questions thread so I'm going to embarrass myself in front of everyone.
I replaced the rear suspension in my car but I couldn't connect this bar (pic related).
I drove a couple feet and over a bump and the rear dropped and the wheels cambered out.
I'm gonna call a mobile mechanic to come take a look but I just want to see if anyone can verify that this bar (not sure what it's called) is the issue with the wheels cambering.
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*gets stolen*
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I just moved into this shit hole and the amphetamine enthusiasts here are savage with their parking and driving.

Would you rather street park or lot park?

N/o/rcal WAT Meet: 9/26/2020 Burning Love Edition

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Where: Meet at the Woodside park n ride at 5:15pm for a sharp 5:30pm pull out.
When: 5:30pm on Saturday the 26th of September
The Meet Route will take us up Kings Mt Rd, down 35 to La Honda and then down Alpine Rd stopping at Five Guys off of Saratoga Ave for dinner before breaking off for the night.
>Wheres the meet image anon?
I couldn't be fucked to make one.
>Can I bring X?
Yes. Whether its your gf, gf(male), dog, shitbox, bike, or exotic all are welcome.
>Who's coming
Probably at least 6 of the regulars
>What if the roads close again?
Still meet at Woodside Park N Ride @ 5:15pm for updated itinerary if that is to occur.
>Do you all have covid?
Possibly. We'll be attempting to social distance out of respect for each other. Wear a mask and try not to be a douche.
>Discord invite?
Come to the meet.
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Why are the majority of people driving like huge fucking assholes in 2020?
>speeding is rampant no matter what road.
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Street Mag Show: Celebrating American Cars In Germany

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>Hence why I was pretty stoked that the 2020 Street Mag Show in Hannover even happened at all.
>This annual event is actually one of the biggest American car meets in Germany

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>be me
>work at gas station
everyday I have retards come in saying shit like “I don’t know how much gas I need figure it out” or “give me 20 on pump x” and then they come back and say “whoops it got full off 5 dollars heehee” do you fucks Atleast know how much gas to pump ?
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