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Welcome to /qa/ - Question & Answer.

This is a board for the discussion of meta topics and … other things.
Outside of meta, this board has no specific theme and you are free to be yourself! Please note all global rules are in-force here.

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1° there are not agreed upon concept of species, rule of thumb is, if they meet in nature, can mate, create fertile off spring, that is capable of sustaining a population = same especies

2° Darwin already said that is foolish to try to organize nature, the need to organize things is a quirk that our autisc human brain uses to help us in understanding things

3° race is not a scientific term

4° sub especies is a really iffy term most of the time

5° biology is not an exact science

6° if you go down this reductionist path literally every person will be its own species

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New Ben Garrison.
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/soy/ - Wojak/Soyjak Factory General

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Long edition
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>Based (including 'dangerously based' as I keep seeing)
What the FUCK do any of these mean? People keep saying them and it doesn't make any sense
I'm not trolling, I genuinely don't understand what any of these words mean.
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I love her
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A renewed /b/

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This post is for discussing renewing /b/ in light of the death of longcat, an event that I think most of us don't think we would ever witness. Here are the proposed changes, please discuss:
- Move porn to /trash/ until and unless /b/ culture returns
- Bring IDs to /b/ until and unless /b/ culture returns
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I understand the bar for quality posting on /pol/ is already on the floor but can we PLEASE get a fucking religion board so these autistic fairy tail worshippers can hold their pissing contests somewhere where the rest of us don't need to see it?

Makes more sense than splitting /v/ into 40 different boards.

g*yim are the problem

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there are only about 20M jews in the world yet g*yim make up about 7 billion
the world's pollution, its diminishing resources, the increasing possibility of starvation is not caused by jews but by g*yim that reproduce without a care and abuse the world without a care
jews are not to blame, it's the g*yim
if every race was lowered to their numbers the situation in the world would be less dire
stop fighting their depopulation plans, /pol/
it's healthier for this world then attemtping to reenact hitler's autistic plan of having 300M germans and then replicating the same plan for every other european ethnicity
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