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Does /sci/ wear science themed graphic t-shirts? Is it based or cringe?
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/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Russian Aesthetics Edition

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Round and clunky, but beautiful in it's own class
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Do most of you realize that you're not that smart?
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>claims they have PTSD
>not a veteran
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How did humans have internal dialogue before language? What did their thoughts look like with no way to put it into words?
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why is this
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Forum Theory

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We haven't had this thread in a while, discuss which features of reddit makes reddit what reddit is today and why 4chan is better. Obviously also problems of imageboards, how they could be inproved and interesting approaches for creating online communities.
>inb4 not science
This is a subfield of sociology or something like that, so it is. And the thread that died for this was someone talking about his experience with MDMA
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This is what I’d imagine type 2 civilization humans will look like
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What degree you did /sci/? Don't be shy share it with me!
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