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>buy nintendo and playstation for platform exclusives
>have pc for Microsoft and wide releases
Now explain, how did Xbox win?
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Eekum Bokum
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Literally the Apple of gaming. This is why I pre-ordered the XSeX.
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say hi to your kind cousin
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>Tokyo Game Show starts today
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what games are you hoping to get announced at E3 next year ? assuming it happens.
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What's the fastest dying game of all time?
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B-Bros...... What the hell is this.......
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/v/ sings Bury the Light - Yuropoor Edition 2

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Once again not the original OP but want another thread so euros can catch up
>don't be bad on purpose
>record in a quiet room with little noise, rooms with lots of furniture have less echo, a bedsheet covering you can also remove echo
>higher quality clip the better (removing noise and the like would be appreciated)
>instruments allowed (provide timestamps where they would be included)
>don't overdose on memes, keep it tasteful
>you're allowed to do one or multiple parts of the song instead of the full thing (once again provide timestamps of which part you're doing)
>if you plan to upload your file through gofile use vocaroo instead since gofile downloads corrupted files way too often
>alternative email for submissions is
>official lyrics for reference (confirmed to be 100% accurate by Casey Edwards himself)
>have motivation
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How the tables have turned SNOY....

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