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when was dota ruined for you, /vm/?

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I'll start
> randoming (the patrician chad choice) removed because some reddit trannies complained about it

followed by
> five couriers, free support items, free jungle items, bounty runes because people complained about supporting
> ranked queue because people complained about having to play support
> conduct score faggotry and recent censorship because people complained about muh mmr

why has dota turned into such a trashy fag game?
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Rivals Of Aether

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Anon, why haven't you bought the best platform fighter in existence yet.
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which is the best online card game?
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who /vm/ empire here?


Last thread hit bump limit >>33155


What is shores of hazeron?

>multiplayer survival sandbox first person game about interstellar conquest and empire expansion

>Play with your friends and spawn on a planet, build your AI cities and process resources into technology

>design and build your own ships to look like whatever you wish, protect your homeworld from impending doom from an asteroid strike

>Explore hundreds of millions of procedurally generated star systems, meet other player controlled empires, trade or wage war.

>Find the illusive Ringworld habitats, gigantic rings around stars that act as stargates to transport your fleets through

>Make the universe yours.

Galactic News

- Seems more major powers are coming back/more activity in general, there may be a coming shitstorm and potential for PVP, reportedly.

- Best time to be a noob is now, new detection mechanics means you'll be completely invisible from 10 sectors away until you develop warp tech

- Game has moved to Patreon, game is now completely free to play, the servers are now supported by patron donations.
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holy shit somebody PLEASE nerf Skellige already
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Ashes of Creation MMORPG /aoc/

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Does anyone still play this or know how populated the Japanese servers are? This is the last MMO I remember enjoying, I probably should try some new ones.
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Roblox Thread 5

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/vm/ is still a Roblox board. Discuss about your experience, the platform or community.
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