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Re:Stage Prism Step

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Please play Re:Stage
It's an idol rhythm game with art by famous eroge artist Izumi Tsubasu featuring middle school girls with plenty of teenage angst/romance and surprisingly large breasts
It has great songs, voiced stories, and stylized gameplay, AND it got rid of stamina system years ago so you can play it for hours if you want to.

Also it's currently doing a collab with Machikado Mazoku for some reason, probably because of VA connections
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Dokkan Battle
JP got Vegeta edition
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How much money do guys wanna bet that global shuts down 6 months after launch
>No r18 content
>rates that make FGO look generous
>very niche audience in the west
> $25 dollar battle passes that contain 1 costume and the rest is shit
>the """"action"""" part is very repetitive and boring
I feel like they played their hand way too early since the JP side of the game isn't in the best state. They probably should've waited a lot longer to improve JP instead of trying to make a quick buck with global.

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ITT: Dokkan cards that are based and cool
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Bleach Brave Souls

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Ninny for EOM!
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Eve Echoes

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How do we report a rogue jannie? Some faggot keeps deleting the Eve Echoes threads. Here's another one, you miserable cunt.
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Genshin Impact

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Teppen Thread

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We're one month out from a big turning point in the game, since in October we're getting a new Set, a new Hero, a balance patch, and the first time a set will rotate out of Standard. Until then, post those:
>Main Decks
>Meme Decks
>Hopes for the October update
>Cards you're glad/sad are rotating out
>What characters/IPs you want them to add from Capcom's catalog
>Rooms so we can play each other
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How is your doctor Eliza hunting going?
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