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Baldurs Gate 3 - Ultimate RACE GUIDE

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>PC GAYMER made a RACE guide for BG3 with all the playable races and their abilities

What race are you going to play?

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RPG art thread
post fanart and official art that you like
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I just beat the Rail Crossing main quest..
that was some buuuullshit...
I must have had like 50 stealth and getting to the secret door was damn near impossible. I didn't have the persuasion to convince them to spare buzzer, so i sniped the mindreader. He went down in one shot but the dudes down stairs were a pain. I must have save scrubbed 30 times between trying to sneak past them and getting into the shop.

My question is, did I lock myself out of the good ending by saving buzzer and killing the mindreader?
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What's the most underappreciated FF?
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It's fucking genius.

SE gave Nomura and his cronies around 10 years to fuck around with FF7R, in the meantime actually competent directors and producers will be in charge of the mainline series, free from his fanfiction filth.

By the time 7R finishes, the mainline series will be around FF20.
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Looking for COMFY RPGs

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Alright, lay em' out: YOUR comfiest RPGs, bonus points for explaining why you love it.
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>definitive edition makes the game worse
What other games do that?
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Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and Bright Nights

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Which version is best, Stable, Bright Nights, or Experimental? Stylish Shower Victim's really bad day edition
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