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Total War Campaign Posting

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A thread to share your current campaigns.
Post screenshots of your campaign map, as well as battles or army compositions and everything in between
WEBMs are also highly encouraged! Use "webm for bakas" for easy conversion of gameplay videos to webms.

ANY total war game is welcome
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Zoo Tycoon

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Last thread died ): >>10222

Zoo Tycoon is one of the best and most in-depth management sims from the golden age of tycoon games. The first game is gold standard (better than RTC2 imo) and the second one is a legit classic

Any tips, tricks, lore, mods, patches you got?

still waiting for an open-ZT1 desu
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What went wrong?
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Gloria-Etalia: The CK3 mod

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This has probably been missed, but on /tg/ there is some people making a CK3 mod. As /tg/ tends to do they made a setting and then one Anon said he'll make a CK3 mod for it.

I've been observing them doing it for a while and thought it might be worth sharing here considering the mod-maker consistently delivered even if he is basically in the middle of just making the map.

I do have my doubts though that one guy could make a whole total conversion mod.

If you're interested in the setting or the CK3 mod just check the thread on /tg/.

> Pic Related:
First screenshot of the map he shared, he added some more terrain by now.
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How do I git gud? I start out nice, lvl and gear up my bros but at a certain point I am unable to replace my losses and a defeat spiral fucks me up. How do I grow my company in a way that I am always able to replace my losses?

Also Battle Bros general I guess
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Hearts Of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus

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Starcraft thread

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GSL tomorrow, our madlad Zoun is up again
TY vs Dream
Armani vs Zoun

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Does it blow or is it just me? I fell for the one dollar meme and it just seems like Dollar Tree World in Conflict/COH

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Quick and no one gets hurt - tell me the best (1) compact (2) easy to learn, hard to master (3) polished, and (4) fun PC strategy game. Space, medieval, released in 90s, released in 2000s, I don't care.
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